April 2009

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In the ER of course. I can almost laugh about this now because it happened last week. It was nearly midnight when we heard a loud thump from the kids’ bedroom, followed by screaming. We raced in to find the boy on the floor, sleep dazed eyes wide with fright, blood running freely down his chin, screaming like a banshee. He was struggling to sit up and move so that was reassuring but I ran to get a warm wet washcloth so that we could find the source of the bleeding. I held him and patted at the blood to discover a deep gash in his chin where the soft skin had suffered the clash between his jaw bone and the hardwood floor. Thankfully I am generally quite calm in emergency situations but this was no fun. In the process of cleaning up the blood I got his pajamas rather wet. As we put dry pajamas on him I wondered at the wisdom of doing so, later I would be very glad we had taken the time. Sleepy girl was concerned for her brother and asked, “Is my boy okay?” “Yes, sweetheart, he’s going to be okay but we are going to have to go to the hospital so the doctors can fix his chin.”

It was confirmed that the wound would indeed need stitches as I had guessed. The boy was having none of the idea of putting a needle anywhere near his face however, so the doctors discussed alternative strategies in between running off to stabilize other patients. Because the boy had bumped his head, it was also important for them to watch him for signs of noggin injury. I can’t quite say “brain”, that’s just too scary, even now.

The girl was wired and the boy was a bit on edge but alertly curious to everything going on around him. Patient nurses were able to talk him into an IV which allowed the doctors to administer a conscious sedative rather than a full anesthesia which they did not want to do given the longer recovery time and the bump to the head. The girl eventually fell asleep on her daddy’s lap. After several near starts, the beepers finally stopped long enough for the doctors to put in three stitches. It took all of ten minutes I think. We made it home near 7am, and crashed. We huddled together in the house and took it easy for the rest of the day.

The wound healed well and the boy seemed unconcerned about the blue “hairs” on his chinny-chin-chin. This morning we went into his regular pediatrician’s office to have the stitches removed with the promise of a treat afterwards. I knew this was not likely to be an easy task. That’s probably why I didn’t sleep much last night. As I feared, the closer we got to the actual removal his anxiety level rose to the point of utter refusal to cooperate. But having confidence in this particular NP, I asked to help restrain him rather than plan another trip to the hospital involving sedation. He yelled and fought but she managed to remove the stitches, griping that they had been done so tightly and apologizing to the boy that it took longer than she had promised. He demanded a mirror before he would allow her to put a bandaid on. Strangely satisfied, he calmed down. The girl hugged her brother in relief after it was over. We left the doctor’s office, tears dried, Batman and Dora stickers in hand, and he enthusiastically counted down the floors as the elevator descended to the parking level.

136687819_6dc8292c4cI consoled him with a trip to a favorite store for new sneakers, and an unheard of treat–ring pops, the sort of candy I would never normally get my kids. They enjoyed these thoroughly, sharing with each other, intently discussing the flavors and colors, and imagining themselves as royalty wearing jewels. Half an hour later the candy was gone but I still had the jitters. And why can’t I sleep tonight? I don’t know. I didn’t even eat one of those things!

A skirt for me. Wow, it’s been a while. This skirt has a lot of features that I wouldn’t normally wear or sew for myself. First I used a conversation print – Alexander Henry‘s Starlings. I rarely wear prints at all. I also used red! as a secondary accent to highlight the red in the print and contrast with the main fabric of the skirt which is denim. I also appliqued one of the birds to the back waist, I don’t know why but hopefully it looks cute in a good way. I can’t think when was the last time I used piping and I’m sure it wasn’t on a garment for myself. I was originally going to use bias tape as the edging but went with the piping after seeingĀ Rae’s use of piping on a child’s backpack. It really made the lines of the design stand out.

birdskirtfront birdskirtback

Other details: I’ve never cared for waistbands so that’s not new. But I don’t think I’ve ever done one like this. I cut some of the print fabric on the bias and used it to bind the top of the skirt which also helped reduce bulk since the body of the skirt is made from a hefty 12 oz. denim. The pattern is my own, rough modification of an existing six gore skirt pattern I drafted ages ago. Red topstitching. I love invisible zippers! And a resin snap for the closure. I also fused the lightweight print to white cotton to give it some bulk so it would stand up to the denim and a crisper hand to hold the pleat even when walking. That worked out very well.


I apologize for the grainy pictures, these were all taken at night and Frances (my dressmaker’s dummy) was a bit tipsy as well. And unfortunately the skirt turned out a tad big despite stopping for a fitting midway. Oh well. Maybe it will shrink in the wash. (I pre-washed the fabrics of course.)

I need to thank FW and the gals on designer-stashers for turning me on to new fabrics and for hosting a skirt sew-along which is probably the only reason I got this done! And finally, the skirt on the reluctant model, wearing some eye-brow raising 70s looking clogs scored from DH’s office. (Amazing things turn up when you are cleaning out an advertising agency. :) )
birdskirtside birdskirtfrontview

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I posted a little about organizing my sewing space a while back. I did manage to clean up the shelves and they are already looking completely unorganized again. Hmmm. But some things have improved. I put the thread rack on the wall and found a place for all of my rulers in the space behind the door. Much easier to keep track of now that they have a home. I did not mount the ironing board to the closet door, I can’t get out in a hurry if I do that and with young kids, I need to be able to. Back to the drawing board.
ruler rack idea board

I also put up a temporary idea board, it’s just a 2’x3′ piece of black foamcore but I can pin or thumbtack my little notes and swatches to it. Unfortunately it’s made me realize that I am incapable of cutting a swatch out of uncut yardage. Just . . . can’t . . . do it. So the swatches that are up there are all from completed projects. Oh well. I’m working on it.

I’ve also realized that I desperately need a large flat space for two reasons. Drafting and cutting, and ironing. I find myself on the floor for both of those tasks and that’s not so great on the knees. Given the constraints of this room, I think the only possibility may be to horizontally hinge a door to the wall over the futon that can be latched up against the wall when not in use. Might be a bit too much carpentry for my poor skills.


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