And now for something completely different . . .

A skirt for me. Wow, it’s been a while. This skirt has a lot of features that I wouldn’t normally wear or sew for myself. First I used a conversation print – Alexander Henry‘s Starlings. I rarely wear prints at all. I also used red! as a secondary accent to highlight the red in the print and contrast with the main fabric of the skirt which is denim. I also appliqued one of the birds to the back waist, I don’t know why but hopefully it looks cute in a good way. I can’t think when was the last time I used piping and I’m sure it wasn’t on a garment for myself. I was originally going to use bias tape as the edging but went with the piping after seeingĀ Rae’s use of piping on a child’s backpack. It really made the lines of the design stand out.

birdskirtfront birdskirtback

Other details: I’ve never cared for waistbands so that’s not new. But I don’t think I’ve ever done one like this. I cut some of the print fabric on the bias and used it to bind the top of the skirt which also helped reduce bulk since the body of the skirt is made from a hefty 12 oz. denim. The pattern is my own, rough modification of an existing six gore skirt pattern I drafted ages ago. Red topstitching. I love invisible zippers! And a resin snap for the closure. I also fused the lightweight print to white cotton to give it some bulk so it would stand up to the denim and a crisper hand to hold the pleat even when walking. That worked out very well.


I apologize for the grainy pictures, these were all taken at night and Frances (my dressmaker’s dummy) was a bit tipsy as well. And unfortunately the skirt turned out a tad big despite stopping for a fitting midway. Oh well. Maybe it will shrink in the wash. (I pre-washed the fabrics of course.)

I need to thank FW and the gals on designer-stashers for turning me on to new fabrics and for hosting a skirt sew-along which is probably the only reason I got this done! And finally, the skirt on the reluctant model, wearing some eye-brow raising 70s looking clogs scored from DH’s office. (Amazing things turn up when you are cleaning out an advertising agency. :) )
birdskirtside birdskirtfrontview

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  1. frogginette’s avatar

    This is great! I love everything about it, it’s deliciously retro and it fits you perfectly!

  2. liz’s avatar

    the skirt turned out great!

  3. Rae’s avatar

    Hey, that looks awesome! I love the definition from the piping! That bird is absolutely adorable too!!! Thanks so much for showing this to me — now I’m inspired to try the piping on garments too!!!

    BTW, I’m a member of designerfabricstashers too! I would probably get the award for most annoying new member though since I constantly have no idea what I’m doing. Poor FW… (:

    1. Cindy’s avatar

      LOL, there are always people ready to help. Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate your complements and the mutual inspiration, wonderful!

    2. Nikki LaCrosse’s avatar

      What a great skirt! I like the bird at the waist. I hope it does shrink a little so it fits you perfectly. Once again, your creativity blows me away!

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