About Me

I create, I write, I learn, I share. I like to try new things, I’m terrible at sports and I’m not very good at following directions. Fortunately I excel at winging it.

As a child I could often be found reading my dad’s c. 1950s World Book encyclopedias. Now I search the internet, same thrill.

You’ll find here a random collection of pictures, descriptions and occasional instructions and patterns for sewing and crafting various clothing, toys, etc. mostly for children and various items for household use and decoration. Probably some cooking recipes and gardening thrown in there too with a healthy helping of repurposing.

Random things I like which may or may not show up on this blog: studying architecture particularly old houses, singing a cappella music of all types, sleep, Agatha Christie mysteries, the writings of Luke and John, photography, making soup, eating native shrimp, playing the piano, sleep, participating in dramatic productions, playing with play dough, typography, making shoes and sleep. Did I mention sleep?

Write me at cindy (at) random (dash) charm (dot) com.

The photograph of the dragonfly was taken by me one spring day at Gander Brook Christian Camp here in Maine. I altered it in Photoshop with a film grain filter. The title is set in the font Charme, designed in 1958 by Helmut Matheis for the Ludwig & Mayer typefoundry.