May 2010

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The girl has had this doll stroller or “rolly stroller” as she calls it for quite a while but has only recently started using it. Unfortunately the fabric cover did not survive long and developed a tear I could not mend nicely. Since I’d already had to repair an errant strap I decided it was time to just make a new cover. Okay, I admit I never liked how the pastel bears fabric clashed with the aqua stroller frame. Some Michael Miller daisies, brown grosgrain ribbon and an odd hot pink remnant to the rescue!

torn doll stroller cover

I used the old cover as a pattern but used two layers of cotton with flannel in between for a sturdier cover. Elastic encased in grosgrain ribbon rather than the typical buckle for the seatbelt is easy to use. I added a pocket that hangs down the back for the girl’s water bottle or other belongings. I meant to edge the little matching blanket with some nice vintage baby ric rac but I was already topstitching before I remembered so that didn’t happen. Oh well.

back pocket for doll stroller cover

handmade hand sewn doll stroller cover with matching doll blanket


I think the babies like their updated ride quite a lot.

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This is my first attempt at a thick and thin singles yarn. It varies from 12 to 28 WPI or sport to heavy lace. It doesn’t look to me like that much variation but I used the gadget on it and that’s what I came up with. The colors would be perfect for a patchwork shell I’m planning but I think I’ll wash it up before I decide if it’s next to the skin worthy. 140 yards spun from a 1.5 oz batt I received in a trade. The colors are bluish gray with a hint of green. I named it Presumpscot after one of the local rivers.

gray blue green thick and thin singles wool yarn spun from hand carded batt

And here is some laceweight I called Vintage Garnet. I gave it away so I don’t know what it will become but it went to a good home. You can see all the details on the spinning in my stash entry on Ravelry.

Vintage Garnet laceweight handspun two ply by random-charm

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Look! I sewed something! The girl saw a pair of baby slippers that have been hanging around and asked again for slippers of her own. (Even though she doesn’t wear the ones she has.) So I dug through the drawer that has my baby slipper supplies. I used to make quite a few of them, even drafted my own patterns in sizes from newborn to 4/5. I found this colorful butterfly print all cut out and ready to sew. I cut out the suede soles, (normally I would use leather for toddlers with bare floors) and sewed the uppers together. I had to rip and resew about three times because I’ve forgotten how to assemble these, as simple as they are. But she’s happy with them and has actually been wearing them yesterday and today. Usually I make these in heavier fabrics for winter use or line them in fleece but since it’s summer I decided to leave the extra layer out.

handmade butterfly slippers

suede bottom butterfly slippers for toddler


Eating . . .

strawberry chocolate s’mores.

As the weather got warmer we’ve enjoyed getting out to grill and one night I had the idea to do s’mores over the grill. Poking through the cupboard I found pink marshmallows and chocolate graham crackers. Rich sharpened a stick and we were soon enjoying a new variation on an old favorite.

strawberry marshmallow and chocolate graham cracker s'mores

This works just as well in the microwave.

Most of the time when I work with polymer clay, I’m making something with or for or at the direction of my kids. Occasionally they let me make something I want to make. As we were using up some older clay I got the idea to swirl leftover bits of colors together to make some beads and buttons.

This squarish bead in black, jungle green and bright leaf green is one of my favorites. I drilled a hole through it after baking and strung it with a few glass and silver plated beads with the round part of a toggle clasp at the top. It would make a nice stitch marker for large knitting needles or perhaps a zipper pull for a sleek jacket. It could even work as a pendant I suppose.

square green polymer clay bead pendant or knitting stitch marker or zipper pull

Sometimes I make things I really like but I know I’m unlikely to use. This is one of those items. If this makes your heart sing, let me know and I’ll send it to you.

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just a few stitches by hand.

The boy requested a hooded coat for his little frog and one for his sister’s little cat. I let them pick out colors from the pile of felt (okay, not the good wool felt, I wasn’t going to sew fast and dirty with that stuff). The boy helped make and sew on the yellow covered button for the frog’s green coat. I thought they turned out quite cute, no pattern making involved, just sewed the top hood seam, then cut a little at a time until it fit. I was afraid this might lead to a request to outfit the rest of the animals but so far so good.

felt coats sewn for small stuffies


hair that is.

The boy has been in need of a haircut for several weeks. This is never an easy task. But he said he wanted his hair cut like the character Sosuké in the animated movie, Ponyo, from one of our favorite directors, Hayao Miyazaki.

Sosuke, little Japanese boy from movie Ponyo

So I hoped that we might have an easier time cutting it. Eh, not so much. But it turned out okay, may have to go back and put a few layers in the top but it’s cute, a traditional Japanese schoolboy haircut. (Or at least what I remember from when I was a kid.) With his light hair and blue eyes, very few people would guess the boy is 1/4 quarter Japanese. He’s happy with it and those friends who have seen the movie instantly recognized the haircut.

Before, during and after:
IMG_7774 IMG_7777 IMG_7782_2