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Look what came in the mail! All the way from England!

sushi cat custom poster

A one-of-a-kind picture of our cats Duke and Lila romping with the famous Sushi Cat, from the adorable arcade style game by Armor Games. The reaction from the kids was pretty funny.

“Aww, it’s Sushi Cat.”
“Wait, who’s that?”
“Hey, it’s Duke and Lila.”
“But . . . how?!”

JimP, the video game artist who created Sushi Cat, admired the felt Sushi Cats I made for the kids at Christmas so I sent him one of his own. He created this adorable poster incorporating stylized portraits of our cats as a thank you.

Thank you, JimP!

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Spunky Eclectic ceramic travel mug sheep

Hand-painted with cute sheep by Amy King. I met her as Spunky Eclectic, fiber woman. Who knew she also paints and throws pottery? The great thing about this mug is that it’s ceramic so it goes in the microwave to reheat that tea I can never seem to finish before it gets cold. And the heavy ceramic and tight-fitting travel lid helps the contents stay warm longer whether I’m out or at home. It’s generously sized but not too big either. Wash, rinse, reuse.


Some months ago I joined in a little fun that I called
brown paper packages which boiled down to making and sending handmade gifts to other people just because. The nice thing about it was that you had plenty of time and you could make anything you wanted. My friend Krista sent me these lovely felted wool coasters. The images are graphic and organic at the same time and evoke elements of nature. Aren’t they lovely? Truth be told, they may end up on the wall instead of under a mug!

felted wool coasters

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Due to the popularity of this project I have uploaded pictures of how I recovered my chair (with hopefully helpful notes) to Flickr here. There is also a link to a group where you can upload pictures of your own finished project! This was really not hard, I used less than a yard of home dec fabric and it didn’t take very long either. Instant gratification, I hope you’ll try it too. I am really enjoying this personal touch to my sewing space!

recovering back rest of office chair


My friend Jan has a blog! Actually she started it a while ago but she’s introducing it now so I thought I’d put in a plug about her and her work. She is a painter and sculptor. She shares art with children with patience and enthusiasm.

Jan is my friend, fellow artist and mom. She has taught me so much and we love to get together to work on art projects or just hang out. We are about the same age, each have a boy and a girl, her younger child and my older child were born ten days apart and have been friends since then. Our husbands both love the Boston Celtics, U2 and Lord of the Rings. We all go to church together and have worked together on various projects at church and at our favorite camp, Gander Brook.

Just a peek at one piece so you’ll go look at her blog. She does accept commissions by the way!

kids-portrait-3-6 by Jan Obenhaus


3D dragonfly scherenschitte by snippety gibbet

This incredible three dimensional scherenschnitte dragonfly arrived in the mail yesterday from Snippety Gibbet. Jan is an elementary art teacher (brave soul!) and a fearless explorer of art and cycling. I connected with her recently when I was working on my first scherenschnitte piece for the boy’s school show program. I’m going to have to find a special place to hang this in our house full of varieties-of-white walls. Astute of her to pick up on my fondness for dragonflies. Thanks Jan!