Being an information junkie I have pages and pages of bookmarked web sites as well as a few favorite books on my shelf. Here are a few of the sites I turn to again and again for information and supplies.

Informational An incredible resource of actual pages and illustrations from vintage sewing books. Well organized and maintained.

Paula Burch on Dyeing A wealth of information on how to dye just about any fabric using many different techniques and dye types. Detailed info on dye ingredients that you may not find anywhere else.

Ravelry is a community of knitters, crocheters and spinners. This site is incredibly well set up to accomodate the amazing amount of shared information. If you knit or crochet there are great tools for organizing your tools, yarns, and patterns. Also plenty of forums, free patterns, info on books and online resources, shops, how-to, helpful friendly people—you name it—if it’s about yarn it’s on Ravelry!

Sewing This is one of my most treasured secrets! All of my orders have always been carefully packed with each fabric labeled. They offer first quality designer quilting cottons, it’s just last year’s collections so they are able to sell it at incredible prices. Organized by color, searchable by manufacturer, well organized website, fast delivery. Inexpensive but quality trims, ribbons, elastics, twill tape, webbing, ricrac, etc in all kinds of colors and styles by the bolt for incredible savings over retail prices. $65 minimum order. Huge selection of apparel, home decor and some craft fabrics. Very detailed descriptions include fabric content and weave, suggestions on usage. These are good prices, fair shipping rates can be a little on the slower side. Sign up for the newsletter for great deals. Lots of hard-to-find fabrics like stretch velvets, wool coatings, etc. All the latest designer quilting cottons in one place. Usually one or two categories on sale at a time but not the place to find great bargains.

Other supplies
jewelry making: My one stop shop for all kinds of jewelry making supplies. Lots of project ideas and tutorials as well.

clothing blanks, fabric dyes and more: Dharma Trading sells infant through adult size clothing in prepared-for-dye fibers, mostly cotton, great variety of PFD fabrics including cottons, hemps, rayon and silk, and all the tools and dyes for creating one of a kind garments. Lots of good information too.

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    Hello, How might I be in contact with you regarding the pattern of the scherenschnitte of the children holding hands in your Rowe School cut-out?
    Thank you.



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