Pretty up your tape dispenser

avocado green, light blue, white, dark brown fabric prints

I’m gearing up to decorate my “studio” and I’ve chosen a palette of colors. The walls are a very pale butter yellow which I will keep. I think I’ll be using these fabrics as accents. They have similar avocado-y green tones, light blues with a hint of aqua and dark browns. I have some dark brown and blue canvas as solids and a great deal of the trees on blue print. That one may get used for curtains. Anyway, spur of the moment I decided to use a bit of one of those remnants to make something pretty.

make your own insert for refillable tape dispenser

Here’s my “new” refillable tape dispenser. I simply removed the paper label from the inside and used it as a template to cut out cardstock-backed fabric inserts. You could also use any pretty paper you might have. It’s really quite simple but here’s a tutorial if you’d like a little more direction. I’m practicing making tutorials. :)

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  1. Cindy’s avatar

    L, fat chance of a before pic, it is a wreck in there!

  2. Suzanne’s avatar

    I love the colour combination!

    I just came over from sewmamasew :-) I don’t have a blog myself but love the inspiration I get from others!

  3. Princess L’s avatar

    For not being pink, those are really pretty colors.

    I’d love to see before and after shots when you’re done!

  4. Naomi’s avatar

    I love that! And what a great use for tiny scraps of fabric. I can’t bear to part with a tiny scrap if it’s pretty.

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