My friend Jan has a blog!

My friend Jan has a blog! Actually she started it a while ago but she’s introducing it now so I thought I’d put in a plug about her and her work. She is a painter and sculptor. She shares art with children with patience and enthusiasm.

Jan is my friend, fellow artist and mom. She has taught me so much and we love to get together to work on art projects or just hang out. We are about the same age, each have a boy and a girl, her younger child and my older child were born ten days apart and have been friends since then. Our husbands both love the Boston Celtics, U2 and Lord of the Rings. We all go to church together and have worked together on various projects at church and at our favorite camp, Gander Brook.

Just a peek at one piece so you’ll go look at her blog. She does accept commissions by the way!

kids-portrait-3-6 by Jan Obenhaus