Animals in the snow

snow Totorosnow squirrelsnow rabbitIt was quite warm today. The snow was melting, the icicles were growing and sometimes falling. The boy and I had fun cracking previously indestructable ice off the driveway. I was feeling lucky (or dangerous) so I threw ice chunks at the icicles, hoping to break the icicles and not hit any windows. Tomorrow is supposed to be warm too with rain later in the day so hopefully we will have more melting occurring on the roof. Not keen on the ground thawing though because that means water in the basement. But for today we decided to enjoy the softened snow and make some animals.

All of these were made to face a window on the back of the house so they can be seen from the inside. First came the snow Totoro. He ought to have black eyes but I was feeling lazy. Then the girl asked for a squirrel outside her window. I gave him the biggest acorn I could find out of my fall stash. I wonder how long it will stay there before it gets claimed by a real squirrel.

When the boy came home he admired our handiwork and helped me fashion a rabbit in front of the last window. These were much easier than I had expected. I guess if you have the right snow, it’s really not hard. I do need to get some better gloves though. We collectively soaked through three pairs of gloves, two pairs of tights and at least three pairs of socks today. I guess that’s spring snow for you.

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