Winter walking into spring

sun through snowy branchessnowmelt runoffThe girl and I take a walk almost every day. Here are a few favorite sights. Despite the foot of fresh snow from a few days ago and the ridiculously high snowbanks, the sun is shining, the birds are flitting about singing happily and water is running through the drainage ditch. Looks like a stream doesn’t it? I suppose it is, I think it runs year round. The girl happily splashed through puddles as I paused to take pictures of some of our favorite things. We didn’t make it around the block as the sidewalk on Main St. is still impassable. Usually the town makes quick work of clearing the sidewalks with a huge orange tractor/snowblower thingy but we didn’t see it today. It’s had a busy winter, maybe it’s taking a break. I don’t expect that was our last snow but it’s possible it was the last really good dumping. Who knows when we’ll see the ground again! (The last photo was taken the day after the storm.)
icicles on a fir treefish mailbox in the snowbanksplashing through the puddleshome again