I need an idea board (and other organization)

I wrote a while back that I wanted to do a few things to start organizing my sewing/craft room. I have done two of those three things, yay me! The third just needs a trip to the hardware store for some hinges. I also semi-reorganized the large shelves. Made me think I need to bring the other set up from the basement. Then I could have a massive wall of cubbies to really dominate this little room. I still have at least a dozen clear shoeboxes to go through. And let’s not mention all the clear plastic tubs in the basement.

But I’ve been looking at some images and blogs for ideas on how to further organize and improve the function of my space. The Domestic Diva has a very thorough and helpful listing of ideas on organizing your sewing and crafting room. Her info is categorized into several very logical steps and includes hundreds of pictures of all kinds of organizers, big and small. Start here. And I thought I had a lot of stuff!

Before I tackle a new room arrangement though, I’ve decided that I really need an idea board or a muse board. Obviously I could simply make a list on paper but I think it would be more motivating to tack up my rough scribble of a dress with a swatch of the actual fabric. Or whatever. I had two great ideas in the shower this morning that I don’t want to lose. (The shower is the only place I can think for more than two minutes without getting interrupted. Reminds me of Harrison Bergeron’s headphones.)

Anyway, stay tuned for a picture of my idea board, a fire swan and soapfulls. I’m writing this down here because I don’t have that idea board yet and it does help me (eventually) get projects done if I know someone else knows about them. So the first person to comment besides DH will get a soapfull!

PS. While I was writing I heard the sweet voices of my children busy at some project. In walks the girl with ten tiny barrettes in her hair, all coordinated to her dress, courtesy of her brother, the hairdresser! Unfortunately she declined to be photographed.

PPS. The first person to comment and a random person who comments before midnight EST Friday 3/6/08 will both get soapfulls.


  1. Krista Nieto’s avatar

    I’m really enjoying the blog. I’m so glad you shared it!

  2. Kiki C.’s avatar

    hey there old friend. So fun to see what you are up to these days… here it is a year after one of my last letters and still we haven’t yet gotten together. I did set aside your Christmas card because I noticed the address was different than years past. Do you have a Facebook account? I have been having fun touching base with old, long lost friends from Iceland there.

  3. Katie R.’s avatar

    Love the blog. So inspirational.
    Even appeals to a nerd like me. ;)

  4. Nikki LaCrosse’s avatar

    Sounds like you are going to be very, very busy! I have the same problems with my scrapbooking supplies; storage and organization. I think your idea board is great. It’s a good way to keep ideas from slipping away.

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