Self-lined drawstring bag tutorial

self lined drawstring bag with knitting project
This is the shoe bag tutorial I promised a long time ago. I realized that although I first made it as a shoe bag, it really could be used for anything. Here I have one just the right size for holding a ball of sock yarn, and the sock-in-progress itself. I can pull the knitting out, pull the drawstrings onto my wrist and knit and walk at the same time. It’s sad, just goes to show how suddenly obsessed I am with knitting.

This self-lined drawstring bag is a great way to use pretty remnants of any lightweight fabric. It makes up easily in quilter’s cottons, flannel, satin or velvet, even a salvaged length from a favorite garment. You can piece your fabric to make up enough length or to have a contrast lining. You can even add pockets to the inside or outside before making the bag for even more versatility. A shoestring, ribbon, twill tape, cord or what-have-you can be be used as the drawstring. These make great gift bags especially in smaller sizes and can also be made as a purse for a young girl or a treasure bag for boys. Make one to hold the pieces of a game whose cardboard box is disintegrating. Custom size bags to store craft tools or projects, lingerie or shoes. There are no raw edges, no handsewing and the bag can be used inside out as well.

There is no pattern. It’s just a rectangle, you choose the size for your application. Grab some favorite remnants and the tutorial and make some cute bags. And if you use this pattern, e-mail me a picture of your bag! I’d love to see what you come up with.

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  1. Tammy’s avatar

    Can you tell me what would be a good material/cord type to use for a flannel bag much like the one you made above, but out of 100% cotton flannel material. It would also need to be machine washable.


    1. Cindy’s avatar

      Tammy, you can certainly use flannel to make one of these bags. Just wash it first since flannel often shrinks quite a bit. Depending on the size of the bag and the purpose you might want to use nylon shoelaces for the cord so they would slip easily against the flannel. Satin or grosgrain ribbon would probably work well too. Thanks for visiting, I hope your project goes well!

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