Bling, yes I did

I actually wrote this on Friday but didn’t upload the accompanying picture until today.

I’m not a bling kind of person. I don’t wear much jewelry, beads, sequins, etc. But the girl likes bling. Apparently it goes well with the passion for pink. So we were passing by the clearance section of the craft store and she spotted some pink name appliqués. Despite the appearance of a number of unusual names, hers was not one of them. Too bad, they were quite cute. Before I could stop myself, I pointed her toward the non-personalized iron on jeweled designs from Jolee’s Jewels. She picked one out with glee and happily carried it to the register. When we arrived home I pulled out an almost new black shirt that I thought would work well. She agreed heartily and we set to work. Although the directions were a little strange it was not hard to do. And the results are admittedly quite pretty.


I am a little concerned about the durability of the now hand-wash, drip dry tee shirt. In retrospect, I wish I had trudged down to the basement and pulled out the heat press. Later, I confirmed my suspicion with a quick internet search which revealed that the crystals can be heat pressed at 350°, quite a bit higher than the temperature of an average household iron. That’ll have to wait since she wore the shirt to school. Hopefully I can give it an extra pressing tonight.

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  1. sharon’s avatar

    That makes sense to me. By the way your kids are ADORABLE.!

  2. sharon’s avatar

    I have subscribed to your newsletter for a while now and I am very curious about something. Why do you refer to your children as “the girl” or “the boy” instead of their names. Is it a cultural thing or do you just prefer that their names remain private?

    I really enjoy reading about your “frugal” projects.

    1. Cindy’s avatar

      Sharon, thank you for reading!

      I think the name thing happened more by accident. At the time I started blogging they were in the habit of affectionately referring to each other as “my boy” or “the girl”. I picked it up and I suppose I stuck with it partly to keep their names private although I’ve probably shown personalized projects or signed artwork.

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