thick and thin singles yarn and some laceweight

This is my first attempt at a thick and thin singles yarn. It varies from 12 to 28 WPI or sport to heavy lace. It doesn’t look to me like that much variation but I used the gadget on it and that’s what I came up with. The colors would be perfect for a patchwork shell I’m planning but I think I’ll wash it up before I decide if it’s next to the skin worthy. 140 yards spun from a 1.5 oz batt I received in a trade. The colors are bluish gray with a hint of green. I named it Presumpscot after one of the local rivers.

gray blue green thick and thin singles wool yarn spun from hand carded batt

And here is some laceweight I called Vintage Garnet. I gave it away so I don’t know what it will become but it went to a good home. You can see all the details on the spinning in my stash entry on Ravelry.

Vintage Garnet laceweight handspun two ply by random-charm

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  1. livnletlrn’s avatar

    love the color of the vintage garnet. it’s similar to the cones I bought at Spa.

    go, spinner, go!

  2. annie’s avatar

    i feel like yo mamma. :))))))


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