Rolly Stroller Goes Mod

The girl has had this doll stroller or “rolly stroller” as she calls it for quite a while but has only recently started using it. Unfortunately the fabric cover did not survive long and developed a tear I could not mend nicely. Since I’d already had to repair an errant strap I decided it was time to just make a new cover. Okay, I admit I never liked how the pastel bears fabric clashed with the aqua stroller frame. Some Michael Miller daisies, brown grosgrain ribbon and an odd hot pink remnant to the rescue!

torn doll stroller cover

I used the old cover as a pattern but used two layers of cotton with flannel in between for a sturdier cover. Elastic encased in grosgrain ribbon rather than the typical buckle for the seatbelt is easy to use. I added a pocket that hangs down the back for the girl’s water bottle or other belongings. I meant to edge the little matching blanket with some nice vintage baby ric rac but I was already topstitching before I remembered so that didn’t happen. Oh well.

back pocket for doll stroller cover

handmade hand sewn doll stroller cover with matching doll blanket


I think the babies like their updated ride quite a lot.

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  1. Cindy’s avatar

    What a great idea! We’re always having problems with the fabric on doll strollers not holding up.

  2. Alisa’s avatar

    What a beautiful fix! I have a doll stroller similar to this that is on my mending list this week. I don’t think mine will be as cute as your though. Very nice.

  3. Snippety Gibbet’s avatar

    Wow, what a gorgeous difference! You are the best. jan

  4. Theresa N’s avatar

    Yes, very stylish!

  5. Karen’s avatar

    This is FANTASTIC! I’m thoroughly impressed. I hate the color scheme on our “rolly stroller” as well. One more amazing project to add to my ever-growing list!

  6. annie’s avatar

    love (1,000,000)

  7. Annik Miller’s avatar

    I bought my daughter a doll stroller and one of the tabs ripped out within hours! I thought about making a new one, but ended up just mending it. I love how you took it one step further with the pocket on the back. Very clever! The stroller looks great.

  8. livnletlrn’s avatar

    Yeah, seriously, who chose that original clashing color scheme! Pastel and turquoise? Puh-leeze!

    With your hip updates, such a stylish ride for the modern babies and mama!

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