The boy sews

With the machine AND by hand. Last week while we were all still pretty sick he got it into his head that he wanted to make a cube out of felt. I elicited a response that he was willing to do the work himself before we started. He quickly chose six colors and used a wooden block to trace out squares of equal size. He cut most of them out himself and showed me the placement. Since I didn’t want it to take forever and risk him losing interest I decided we should go for machine sewing. So I set him up next to me on the machine and helped him guide the squares through with a zigzag stitch. After the first try or two he could stop on a dime! After doing as many seams by machine as possible he used leftover quilt batting to stuff his creation. Then he enthusiastically agreed to sew up the open side by hand and did so, quite well, considering he’s never tried before. Then he decided to add four feet and also sewed those on, with my help, I tied the knots. He was very proud of himself, as was I. He named his creation Bobby and took it to school to show off what he had learned.

sewn felt cube



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    Check out one of the Christmas photos on my Facebook page. Ben wanted to sew some Christmas gifts himself. We had a book on fleece crafts which he looked through and then decided on making Aunt Erika a pillow letter “E”. It turned out great. Then he started to tackle an “A” for her new husband, but didn’t get it done in time. I think he’d love being in your crafty talented home instead of mine where this is a rare occurance.

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    Great job!!!

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    Great job!!!

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    Sweet! My boy prefers the mechanical aspect of the sewing machine, but he’ll pick up a needle and thread for sewing on a patch. Good skills for these young men we’re raising!

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    How great is this! Love the colors he chose, and kudos on the execution, too!

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