“Drain, frizzle and rog”

. . . or something like that.

When I lived up in Iceland as a kid, “rain, drizzle and fog” was a common weather forecast. My dad was stationed at the now decommissioned NAS Keflavik which I guess ran a local TV channel which included a news program with a weather reporter who tripped over her words.

Somehow it seems appropriate to the weather we’ve been having lately. It seems like it’s been weeks of rain with a few rare hours of sun here and there. It’s pouring buckets right now. My kids are acting like caged animals, I’ve run out of rainy day activities, my nose is runny and I just want to crawl into bed.


  1. Snippety Gibbet’s avatar

    You lived in Iceland?????????? Never in my life have I known someone who lived there. Very cool. jan

  2. Frogginette’s avatar

    Aw, I hope the sun comes out and that you feel better =)

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