Felt mascots, Hello Kitty and Hoho the Monkey

The boy asked me to make Hoho the monkey from the children’s show, Nihao, Kailan. He wanted me to make it out of Sculpey but I wasn’t too keen on that, images of broken tails and such coming to mind. So I decided to turn to felt instead. I drew my pattern, cut it out of felt, then needle felted the details on and blanket stitched the pieces together with a little cotton stuffing.

I thought that I ought to make the girl a little character too so I chose Hello Kitty, a famous icon from Japan that I remember as a little girl. Also done up in felt, I forgot one little detail, can you tell?

Hoho monkey from Nihao, Kailan and Hello Kitty handmade felt mascots toys

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  1. Snippety Gibbet’s avatar

    So cute!!!!!!!! I think these are much cuter in felt than they would have been in sculpey. jan

    1. Cindy’s avatar

      Thanks Jan, the boy agreed after he saw where I was going with the felt. And much more fun for me too. I have a Japanese book on how to make felt characters in this style. I made a few in high school, may have to crack it open again for the kids.

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