My first attempt at poaching eggs

eggs benedict made with smoked salmon

Why did I find myself poaching eggs for dinner? I don’t even like poached eggs. I like my eggs over hard or completely raw (for sukiyaki) but not in between. Not too long ago we had brunch at a great local hole in the wall and I ordered eggs benedict. Okay, this is the only way I will eat a poached egg. I think the hollandaise sauce disguises it enough that I don’t mind, considering the rest of it is so good. Anyway it was so good that apparently I didn’t get enough of it and it was still on my mind. And there’s the fact that Annie is always posting about poached eggs, I think she and Jim have a fixation about them.

So I made eggs benedict with toast because the girl and I finished off the English muffins yesterday. Rather than use ham I substituted smoked salmon, delish, and topped the whole thing off with a dash of dill. I also made spinach as a side and it was such a good match that I ended up sliding it in between the layers for the second plate. No picture of that, sorry.

The recipe I used (with the above changes) came from which also has a detailed guide on how to poach eggs.


  1. DH’s avatar

    I am *so* not a poached-egg-and-Hollandaise-sauce kinda guy… but this was delicious. Thanks for making it. :-)

  2. Kathy Keiser’s avatar

    I have never porched eggs but I would like to try it. It looks delicious!

  3. annie’s avatar

    i just FAILED at poached eggs for the first time ever.. i have them down to an art, but farm fresh eggs create poaching challenges…

    i’m glad you liked your bennies.. awesome meal, if you ask me.

    1. Cindy’s avatar

      I don’t know why I never thought of making them at home. I think there is a myth about how difficult it is to make hollandaise and poach eggs. Neither was frightfully difficult. Maybe not perfect the first time but entirely edible.

    2. Nikki LaCrosse’s avatar

      I’m not obsessed with eggs, but it is one of my favorite ways to have eggs. Glad you made yourself such a tasty meal and discovered a new item for your menu!

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