Following the Fiber: Handspun Gnomey Hat and Socks

I started with some handpainted Blue-Faced Leicester wool I received in a trade.

Spun it into a single and then chain-plied it to preserve the colors.
handpaint BFL spinning wheel chain plied navajo

Knit the yarn into these baby socks, based on Cat Bordi’s pattern.
hand spun knit baby socks

And this sweet hat, based very loosely on the Munchkin Hat, pattern by Jeanne Kubricht. See my project page on Ravelry for notes on my version.

newborn hat handspun hand knit

This hat does a great job of staying on our little gnomey’s head and keeping him warm!

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  1. Marysia’s avatar

    OMG! These two last pictures are amazing, too cute! Such lovely baby and those socks, on such small feet… Fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

  2. edlyn’s avatar

    very pretty and so special.

  3. Amy Wilson’s avatar

    There is an incredible simplicity and beauty in your spinning and knitting….and in the Lord’s knitting as well. Your son and your skill take my breath away.

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