A scherenschnitte pumpkin and an homage to Jack Skellington

Rich and I have often used the traditional Halloween pumpkin carving activity as an opportunity to do a messy art project. As graphic designers, much of our work is often done on the computer, so it’s nice to have a reason to create something tangible (if fleeting) with our hands. We’ve carved bats and cats and spiders. We’ve hacked pumpkins in homage to Batman, Jiji of Kiki’s Delivery Service, and some other characters I can’t remember.

This year we were in the mood for a little Nightmare Before Christmas. Rich recreated the likeness of Jack, the Pumpkin King.

halloween jack o' lantern Jack Skellington Nightmare before Christmas jack skellington jack o' lantern Pumpkin King

I chose to portray a tender moment between Jack and Sally in scherenschnitte. I carved the hill out of the pumpkin so the glow of the candle would illuminate the full moon. I then snipped the silhouettes out of black cardstock and mounted them to the pumpkin with thumbtacks. I’m pleased with the juxtaposition of the delicate paper cutting against the chunky carved pumpkin.

Nightmare Before Christmas Jack and Sally scherenschnitte pumpkin paper silhouettes in jack o' lantern Nightmare before Christmas pumpkin



  1. kiki’s avatar

    I am so relieved to know that the couple is paper and not pumpkin. It is amazing.

  2. annie’s avatar

    i LOVE them. fantastic.

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