Socks for me

Months ago I spun and dyed some oatmeal BFL for myself. Three ply light fingering for socks dyed a variegated spiced pumpkin color.

three ply light fingering handspun from blue faced leicester top

I was quite pleased with the yarn so it took me ages to pick a sock pattern out. Even though I already knew that these would not be the last socks I’d be knitting. I finally picked a pretty pattern called Irish Ale Socks, by RedScot. Now I couldn’t be smart and just follow the pattern of course. I decided to do them upside down, or toe up. Why do I like toe up? Probably because I prefer to do the hard parts first, i.e. the toe and the heel. And when you are using handspun, you’d rather get the important parts done so you can know you have enough yarn to finish rather than run out around the ball of the foot or whatever. Much easier to adjust the length in the leg if necessary. In this case I probably have enough to produce a third sock! Lots of details of my woes in crafting the short row heels with gussets on my Ravelry project page. They are certainly not perfect but I’m pretty pleased with them and they are on my feet right now. That’s handspun angora for the cuffs. Thank you Maine for cold and wet weather in June, perfect for wearing my handknit socks with clogs.

hand knit socks made from hand dyed and spun wool and angora

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  1. Theresa N’s avatar

    Great job! Is learning to do toe-up harder than cuff-down? It seems so much more practical to do toe-up, but I have never learned it.

    I love your blog.

    1. Cindy’s avatar

      Honestly I don’t know. I only made one pair cuff-down and that was without a heel. Now that I know how to get gauge accurately I’d be more inclined to try cuff-down as long as I know I have plenty of yarn. But of course that would mean really learning how to Kitchener. Maybe it’s time to try again!

    2. Shelly’s avatar

      Do you follow: Getting Purly With It? If you don’t you’d love it!
      She has some wonderful patterns.

      Your Hand knit socks; amazing!

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