This is a gribble . . .


Actually this is the baby gribble but the details are much easier to see. They are round and fuzzy with long pointy ears and a long snout with which to suck up ants and other bugs. Adult gribbles are solid green and have little stubby legs. I wish I could remember the other details of the habits of the gribble, it was a comical story told to me by the girl with large gestures and lots of giggling.

Here is my interpretation in polymer clay (with direction from the girl of course). Maybe I should attempt it in Fun Fur instead.

polymer clay gribble creature

The artist with an adult gribble—blue ant half way up the snout. Watch out!


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  1. Snippety Gibbet’s avatar

    Gribble. That makes me giggle. jan

  2. Andi’s avatar

    So cute! I love all of the Gribble details – poor ant, he doesn’t look like he knows what’s coming! I brought some children’s pictures of monsters to life this Christmas and it was so much fun. Children really do tell the best stories, don’t they?

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