Look what I made!

hand made wooden thread and ribbon organizer

Yes, I just put that photo in at the largest size because I am that excited about this. I haven’t been sewing but I have been cutting! With the power miter saw. Okay, no angles but still. I’ve been planning this organizer for a while. I wanted something functional but reasonably nice to look at as well. I finally made this custom fit thread and ribbon organizer to the same length as my sewing table (5 feet long). By myself! Of course the kids insisted on helping me paint it. That was fun, no really, they are starting to be truly helpful. My dad helped me hang it on the wall. Plaster walls confuse those stud finding gadgets.

Almost all of the wood came from leftovers in the basement, all I bought was some screws, a skinny dowel and a piece of quarter round trim. Building the main parts of the shelf went really fast. The thread rack part did not, mostly because I was trying to recycle pieces of a store bought wooden thread rack that was too small and not made all that well. Sometimes it does not pay to recycle.

I now have twice as many pegs for thread, a space for my serger thread spools and dowels for my handmade bias trim and assorted ribbons. I can easily add some more dowels for ribbons and such later. The serger spools can also be stacked two deep so there is plenty of room.

In the glass jars above are buttons, vintage wooden thread spools and clothespins. I’ll probably add some more jars as needed. Of course there is a reason you can’t see anything else in the picture. Everything below four feet is a mess. But here is one other bit of organizing that I did quite a while ago actually but it has been working out very well. Behind the door I put up a shortened length of coat rack with a few extra nails to hold my various rulers, triangles, T-squares, etc. And the cutting mat hangs on a nail on the back of the door.

cutting mat and ruler organization

PS. I have been doing some knitting but it may be difficult to get a picture of the latest finished project. I’ll try.

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  1. Elizabeth’s avatar

    That’s awesome! I was thinking my necklaces need something like this. And I love how you’ve dealt with the rulers. Those things are rather unwieldly!

  2. Madrona’s avatar

    Wow – this is soooo super duper fantastic. Great job, Random Charm! I have been searching forever for a thread organizer that i could keep the matching bobbin on top of the thread … perhaps I should just make it myself?? :) How did you get the pegs in the board at an angle like that?

  3. Jenny’s avatar

    I keep coming back to this page to look at your wall organizer. I love it! I showed DH and he’s offered to make one for me. The only problem is freeing up some wall space in the sewing room!

  4. Snippety Gibbet’s avatar

    You rock!!!!!!!!!!! That is gorgeous. Maybe I’ll have to think of how I can do something similar downstairs in “Snippyville.” Storage is woefully lacking down there. jan

  5. Alisa’s avatar

    I love it! It must make you want to create all the time :-) Thanks for visiting our blog and entering our giveaway.

  6. kristen - gock's frocks’s avatar

    fantastic! I love what you accomplished :)

  7. Natalie’s avatar

    This is super duper fantastic!!! I’d love to learn how to make something like this but wouldn’t have the first clue how. You definitely gotta do the largest size pics – we like to see details. :)

  8. karen’s avatar

    I love this. So inspiring!!

  9. annie’s avatar

    ohhhhhh man. now that is noice.

  10. Suzanne’s avatar

    I am really loving it! Inspires me to make something that’ll work in my space!

  11. livnletlrn’s avatar

    Stylin’ and functional too!

  12. Naomi’s avatar

    I was just looking at some stories in Dwell magazine (I think that’s the name) – so clever. A couple with a baby in a 400 square foot house. Built in holes in the wall custom sized for their books. What an amazing idea it is to create things to custom fit your specifications, and not all that hard. I am loving this and trying to get inspired to solve some of our space issues artistically. Thank you!

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