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superwash merino/tencel blend handspun fingering, color gunsmoke

Two cakes of superwash merino/tencel spun and plied to fingering weight on my spinning wheel from the same hand dyed “gunsmoke” roving purchased from Spunky Eclectic.

I do like the way the color came out. And I wish I’d spun some hand dyed to start with, the color variation made it soooo easy to see what was going on as I was spinning. And by some amazing accident the two cakes are only one yard difference and almost identical in weight which means I spun pretty evenly and they would be perfect for two matching articles. I wish I knew how to do that on purpose!

But . . . the color! I knew the color was all over the place as I was spinning but I thought it would even out once I plied the singles together. Somewhat. But after I balled the yarn it was obvious that one was thoroughly darker than the other and what you may not be able to see in the picture is that the darker one also hints distinctly toward brown while the lighter one has barely any brown in it. All the way to the core. I’m assuming that if I had asked the right people there would have been suggestions of tricks on how to deal with this before spinning but I didn’t. Too impatient. Sigh. The color differences would be fine for me but I’m a little concerned about how the intended recipient will take it . . . will they look like accidents or intentional siblings?



  1. annie’s avatar

    i’ve been thinking about this.. how do you divide your roving? that might be the issue. your results are dependent on how the top was dyed of course, but you have so much power over your end product by the way you divide, or how you decide to ply…

    1. Cindy’s avatar

      Yes, of course that’s the problem. I should have divided the roving in half and then maybe flipped half of it over or something. But I didn’t think about that before I started! And it just went humming along so smoothly that I didn’t want to stop. Gah. My bad. Next time. I think it will be fine if I mix and match with a darker almost solid. I may have to do both at the same time or something. That means circular needles huh? Or two sets of dpns I guess.

    2. Kathy Keiser’s avatar


      They look beautiful. I really like these colors. I think you can make many small things for your children.

    3. annie’s avatar

      how much does each cake weigh? 50gr?.. i think stripes are in order… at least some kind of colour design work.

      your spinning looks fabulous…

      1. Cindy’s avatar

        Thank you! Each 2oz = 135 yards. Not enough for man socks I think. So striped with something else would be good.

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