Goodies from my mother

We went to see my parents last weekend and my mother gifted me with several odd contraptions and a book I can’t read. Ha ha!

This one is a yarn swift which is used for winding yarn into hanks or skeins. It folds up like an umbrella into that cute pink box.

yarn swift

This one is a ball winder which will wind yarn from skeins into center pull balls. I remember helping my mother wind yarn with this when I was a kid. You’ll see I immediately put it to good use.

yarn ball winder

And this book about how to make seams in knit and crochet pieces. Really amazing, all in Japanese but with great pictures and illustrations of each technique. There are some incredible pictures of invisible seams in what seems like pretty complicated knitted pieces.

vintage Japanese knitting and crochet finishing/seam technique book page detail from Japanese book on knitting and crochet seams pages from Japanese book on knitting and crochet

These will come in handy for my spinning and knitting projects.

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  1. annie’s avatar

    that exact swift is sold even today, and i have a ball winder which is older than yours… so you got a haul, as far as i’m concerned! japanese patterns are amazing.. truly amazing. there links and websites to translate and help with them if you don’t speak japanese. in my queue i presently have a blue japanese cardi, which i will never knit, but wish i was able to. cookie a. uses a japanese stitch dictionary i think.

  2. Snippety Gibbet’s avatar

    Such great finds from your Mom’s house!

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