The tooth fairy found our house

The boy finally lost his first tooth this week. I think he was feeling a bit left out as quite a few of his friends had already lost their first teeth. There was much dancing and singing. While the boy was gone to school I decided to make a tooth pillow so the “tooth fairy” would be able to find the little tooth under the boy’s pillow that night. I thought about doing some needle felting but ended up using embroidery floss to stitch a little face on the tooth and blanket stitch to stitch the tooth shape onto the pillow and finish the edges as well. I left a little opening at the top of the tooth big enough for a quarter (according to the song the boy learned in school, bless that music teacher!)

hand made felt tooth fairy pillow

I don’t do embroidery or cross stitch too often but occasionally I like to do it, especially on a small project like this where there are immediately satisfying results. After I was done with the tooth pillow I was reminded of this Japanese craft book that my aunt gave me years ago. It’s full of adorable felt people, animals and plants. The boy and the girl have already picked out projects for me to do, of course.

Japanese craft book of felt people, animals and plants

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  1. Snippety Gibbet’s avatar

    That’s a sweet little tooth holder. My own granddaughter lost her two front teeth this week. I love toothless kiddies. jan

  2. Lynn’s avatar

    I keep meaning to stitch together a tooth pillow. My friend made one for her kids using scraps from their old clothes that were sentimental to her!

    1. Cindy’s avatar

      That’s a great idea Lynn. It won’t take you long, just do it!

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