New furballs in the house

First, I would like to thank all of you who expressed your kind thoughts on the passing of our beloved Brownie. We decided that it was best for us and the kids, especially having lost Daisy just last spring, not to wait but to open our home to some new friends.

We went to the shelter and came home with Lila, a svelte black and white tuxedo, and Duke, a handsome orange and white bi-color. Lila came in with the knowledge that she owned the house. It took Duke a few days to accept that, but they are starting to get along better. They are both loving and playful with all of us. It’s been comforting to have their presence even as we continue to talk about Brownie on occasion.



  1. Nikki LaCrosse’s avatar

    Congratulations! They are darling and very, very lucky to join your family.

  2. Kelly’s avatar

    Glad they are settling in.

  3. Naomi’s avatar

    She’s beautiful! I tend to always get new soft furries in the house as quickly as possible after losing a dear furry friend.

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