Minimalist soap dish: another hardware store repurposing

vinyl carpet protector

I have a roll of heavy duty vinyl carpet protector runner. It has nubbies on one side and ridges on the other. Anyway, we don’t have any carpet in this house so I don’t need it but I haven’t been able to give it away. With mud season upon us here in New England you would think somebody would love to have this to protect a carpeted entryway!

I wasn’t particularly looking to repurpose it but I was looking for something with ridges to help with wet felting and I cut off a piece of the runner to try out the ridges. Since I was in the bathroom working on the felting, it was only a short leap to realize that nubby side up it made a great soap holder! Since you buy it by the running foot at the hardware store a small square for a soap holder costs just pennies. Looks pretty cool doesn’t it?

minimalist vinyl soap tray



  1. Olivia’s avatar

    Wow! You are too creative. I simply love reading your ideas.

  2. Kelly’s avatar

    Great idea! I’ll have to remember this next time I break out a bar of soap. I’ve been using liquids lately.

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