First fruits of our little garden

Last year we built a 4×8 foot raised bed for vegetables and herbs. I’ve been cooking with some of the herbs for at least a month now. It’s wonderful to walk out and just snip off what I need, rinse and chop it right into the pot.

Small leaf basil and curly parsley, we also have dill and chives

fresh basil and parsley from the garden

zucchini and summer squash picked small at around 5-6 inches, delicious fresh or cooked

fresh zucchini and summer squash garden

In a few more weeks I hope to have peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers from the garden as well as blueberries and strawberries from other spots in the yard.


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  1. Becky’s avatar

    Fantastic! Unfortunetly, the NW got a long abundance of rain. We were all wondering what happened to summer. Last 4 days rain with more days of rain. So my garden is slow in progress. Only thing growing like wild is the weeds. The cauliflower is surrounded by weeds as well as the tomatoes. Lost one large tomatoe plant to slugs chomping at it. I have large wire bins lined with newspaper in which I planted 2 potatoes in the corner with a tomato plant growing on top of it. I read the two together do great. well see.

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