Alexia’s New Dress – my first shirring

fashion dolls shirred top hand sewn dress

The girl chose this fabric out of my scrap bin for a new dress for her Liv fashion doll, Alexia. I decided to try shirring the top since I’ve never done shirring before. I couldn’t find the elastic thread anywhere so I ended up couching a line of zigzag over cord elastic. That worked out okay but it’s a little heavy at doll size. I also used the black elastic cord for the doubled shoulder straps which makes it easy to put the dress on the doll.

Next to Alexia is Roger (named by the boy), who is sadly still wearing the polyester duds he came with. The manufacturer didn’t even give him shoes, poor guy. I think sandals are in order for both dolls.

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  1. Jemajo’s avatar

    Cord sewing presser foot, it is then!
    LOL This little machine is starting to get quite a selection of “shoes”.

  2. Jemajo’s avatar

    These dolls are often better dressed than their human lookalikes!
    I love the way you got the flower dead center on Alexia’s Shirred top, and the little rolled hem is so neatly done.
    I’ll probably succumb and get a cord sewing presser foot to help with any shirring I’ll do. It does look very difficult!

    1. Cindy’s avatar

      That was one of the reasons I wanted to do the shirring, since you get shaping but retain a lot of the look of the fabric. I think the cord sewing presser foot would make it much easier!

    2. Janet’s avatar

      Both outfits are great! I have never tried to sew doll clothes. It looks too hard !!! Shirring isn’t something that I enjoy doing, but for my granddaughter I will do it. Congrats on your first job. Janet

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