The great unfurling

I love the slow unfolding of spring here. Every season really, but especially spring, seems to bring subtle changes every day.

Behind the house in the “wild” there are various ferns poking up to uncurl their fronds and strange primordial-looking plants pushing up through piles of dead leaves.

fern leaves uncurling

curled fern heads fiddleheads

ghost pale ferns


And around the front of the house we have a swath of cheery daffodils nodding under the flowering cherry tree. A gentle breeze sends pale pink petals drifting like snow.

yellow daffodils foundation planting

cherry blossoms sakura against the blue sky

cherry blossoms against white wood sakura

More to come.

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  1. Krista N.’s avatar

    I love it! Our ferns haven’t surfaced yet, I’ve been watching. The trilliums just opened though.

  2. KatieR’s avatar

    Cindy – your photos are stunning. Julia was talking about photographing ferns on Mothers day in CT. You guys have that in common.

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