Soapfulls (I may have to change the name)

wool felt encased soapwool felt wrapped soapsThis is that wild idea I had yesterday in the shower. It’s certainly a compilation of inspirations from various sources. I’m sure other people have already done this but I’ve never seen any. I did these little samples and they turned out just how I thought, I love when that happens. The first set are meant to look like rocks with either veins of some precious metal in them or maybe lichens, however you choose to interpret. The second set are just vibrant colors for fun. These are soap chunks that I wrapped and felted wool around. The veins of color are wool and/or silk. Wow, that silk is amazing stuff Annie! The best method so far seems to be to wrap the soap snugly in thin layers of roving and then needle felt it quickly with the Clover tool.
Clover felting toolThen a quick squishy bath to really set the felt. They lather really well. Maybe too well, I don’t know how fast the soap will disappear. I started with chunks of unscented glycerin melt-and-pour because that’s what I have. I think something harder would be better. What would be really nice would be some of TheJen’s baby soap. Maybe I can get her to share the recipe. (hint, hint) Cool, I get to use the “fiber” tag, lol.

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  1. midge’s avatar

    Great soaps! little loofahs.

  2. stew’s avatar

    soapfulls is cute name

  3. Krista’s avatar

    Very cute! I have been trying my hand at felting lately too and the woman I just bought a bunch of roving from suggested to Alex that he make some soaps like this! We haven’t done it yet, just a few little dolls and the start of a ribbon ball.

  4. Gyða’s avatar

    Oh Cindy, I love how creative you are and all those projects you have managed to accomplish. Your kids are so lucky to grow up with such creativity around them.

    I’ll be in Boston later this month, from the 18th to the 22nd. I would love to see you if that is possible. I posted on the island last night to see if anyone could meet up on the 22nd for lunch… would that work for you?


    1. Cindy’s avatar

      Gyða! I’d love to see you. I will definitely mark that day down. Hugs!

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