The Pet and the Pet Owner

This is actually from a few weeks ago but I hadn’t gotten around to posting it. The girl likes to work with polymer clay on occasion. Usually I’m pretty strict about making a sketch first, otherwise she is apt to just cut it up into pieces and well, it’s not clay-dough. This time I didn’t ask her to sketch but we did discuss what she wanted to make. I helped make sure things were sturdy and fairly well attached but she did most of the work. I was amused to watch her put the legs on her cat just the same way she draws them, in a straight row instead of two by two!

5 year old's drawing of animal with long tail

The pet, as she referred to the cat she made.

polymer clay cat kid art child

And the pet owner, as she referred to the girl with blue hair. I made the feet so she would stand up on her own like the cat.

polymer clay cat and girl by five year old

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  1. Nikki LaCrosse’s avatar

    Very cute!

    Hmm, I should do the sketch idea, too. Eleni loves to work with polymer clay and has been doing a lot of it lately.

  2. Snippety Gibbet’s avatar

    Those are wonderful. I am loving the idea that she has to sketch her idea first. That’s a great skill. jan

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