The hideously Pinkalicious dress!

hand-knit pink sweater dress

Over the last month I have been knitting on this project nearly every night after a certain princess went to bed. The free pattern is the Oriental Lily dress by Georgie Hallam and I followed it pretty closely except for using size 3 for the width and size 5/6 for the length. Not only is this the biggest project I’ve knitted but it is has also been one of the most interesting, not because of any detail of the pattern but because of the way in which it came together.

In so many ways this dress (Ravelry project link) was a group effort. Two different members of the Ravelry community gave me the two yarns I knit together for the main color. My dear neighbor E. gave me a huge bag of odds and ends in which was the perfect contrasting berry color. I read through the notes on Ravelry from the other knitters who have made up the pattern before me, allowing me to make the perfect size. When I was done with the bodice but having a mental crisis on whether the dress was hideous or Pinkalicious, so many people on Ravelry responded to my forum post. They gave me the overwhelming support I needed to go on and finish with confidence.

The girl was quite pleased and came bounding into our room this morning full of thanks. She whirled and twirled all day and then proclaimed that she wants to wear it every day, forever!

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  1. KatieR’s avatar

    I am SO impressed.

  2. strollerfreak’s avatar

    It must be fabulous because Reigan would wear it every day for ever and ever too. :-)

  3. Snippety Gibbet’s avatar

    Wow! That’s amazing! I’m still in the scarf stage and cannot imagine doing something this complicated. jan

  4. Kathy Keiser’s avatar

    It’s very nice. She looks good with the dress. I wish I had anbition to do what you do. Great job!!!

  5. Diana’s avatar

    absolutely gorgeous!! I wanna wear it for ever and a day!!

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