Another winter tradition: snow cream

snow cream vanilla cinnamon

Once or twice a winter when we get a nice big snow I collect a bowl of clean snow and we pour in some milk or cream, a little sugar and some vanilla. Stir it up and you have snow cream. The first time we made it I was surprised how good it tasted. Or maybe anything sweet tastes good after you’ve been running around outside. The pink snow cream was flavored with just a drop of cinnamon oil and was highly favored by the boy and me. Surprisingly the girl preferred the plain vanilla despite her general preference for all things pink.



  1. Diane’s avatar

    Seeing this snow cream makes my mouth water……..It is snowing out side as I type this note,,,,,,,should have 3″!!!!
    Thanks for the reminder of my youth and “snow cream”.

  2. Krista N.’s avatar

    We made some tonight along with the ice cream in a bag to compare the different textures of the two. We had fresh, fluffy lake effect snow. Both recipes were a big hit, we made chocolate and vanilla. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Krista N.’s avatar

    My little snow eater girl would love this. We’ve had many a discussion this year about what constitutes “clean” snow.

    1. Cindy’s avatar

      Thankfully mine know the drill pretty well. I don’t let them eat it unless it’s at least 6 inches of brand new snow (as in fell within the last twelve hours), no footprints, handprints, clawmarks of any size, etc. But eh, mudpies in the summer and snow in the winter right?

    2. Kellee’s avatar

      You come up with some of the most interesting things. :) That sounds yummy! :)

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