Another pants rescue

The boy is a bit picky about jeans—he prefers them soft and on the thinner side. He usually wears every other pants in his closet before jeans but this pair he didn’t seem to mind. Unfortunately he tore through the knees and they were getting short but still fit amply in the waist as is usually the case with storebought pants for him. I grabbed the leftover pieces cut off a pair of khaki pants that had already been turned into shorts. I used the already hemmed bottoms to lengthen the jeans and then used a double layer of the khakis to cut patches for the knees of the jeans. A fast fix and it turned out rather cute. The mom of one of his friends thought I had bought them that way. I’ll take that as a complement.

jeans patched and lengthened with contrast fabric

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  1. Kellee’s avatar

    How clever you are! My sister is now 6’3″, so she always had that “outgrowing her pants” problem, they were always too big in the waist, and never long enough. What an ingenious way of dealing with that! :)

  2. Krista N.’s avatar

    That is a good idea! Alex has been wearing thru the knees of his pants something terrible lately. I took some scraps of a wool knit to patch one pair. I left extra fabric room so it could felt up in the wash and it worked great because those felted patches are super strong now.

    1. Cindy’s avatar

      Awesome idea Krista!

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