Sushi Cat is too cute

. . . especially in wool felt. The kids have fallen into ridiculously giggling mushy love with a cute little video game called Sushi Cat. They’ve been playing it on Rich’s iPhone. The game is very simple, sort of like pinball or pachinko. You drop the cat from the top of the screen and he eats any sushi in his way as he rolls and bounces to the bottom. I was already contemplating making the kids a Sushi Cat stuffie when I came across these sushi shaped erasers in the dollar aisle. Who knew? That sealed the deal and I sat up late one night stitching to get a pair of these done. You never see the cat’s tail in the game so I had to make that up myself. I decided it needed to be bouncy and springy!

handmade hand sewn wool felt sushi cat sushi erasers

I’m still hoping that their interest in things Japanese lately will eventually lead to eating more Japanese foods besides Ramen noodles.

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  1. nina’s avatar

    Been reading your site; I am so jealous of your amazing ability to put the cutest projects together, and what a great mom it makes you! Thanks for sharing your ideas for the rest of us to emulate!

  2. Bryanna’s avatar

    I love sushi cat! Do you think you could post the pattern to make this? i would love to make this in lots of different colors :) would you consider sharing the pattern and posting it on here? :)

  3. Bryanna’s avatar

    You should scan the patterns and put them up! :) i would love adn try to make one of these, i love playing the game. Would you consider putting th patterns up? :)

  4. Jimp’s avatar

    WOW these are truly awesome! I always forget to give him a tail, your spiral one is perfect!

    Keep a look out for sushi cat 2 next week!

  5. Diana’s avatar

    so you should have the pattern and instructions for us to play with. Its uber cute!! Are you putting in catnip in it for the kitties to play with?

    1. Cindy’s avatar

      Ha Ha. Noooo on the catnip. The kitties have their own toys! But I can scan the patterns and put them up. They’d be adorable in all sorts of color combinations.

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