Seed Rows Stocking Cap

hand-knit stocking cap seed stitch self-striping green

I originally bought this self-striping yarn to make socks for myself. I did but they were a little snug so the boy happily took possession. Then I made the girl socks out of the leftover. Then their Nana requested a hat made from the same yarn. Now discontinued. Ravelry saved the day—I posted an ISO on a Wednesday and had another skein in hand on Saturday!

I wanted to make something that showed off the self-striping yarn but didn’t look like just any storebought hat. So I used seed stitch, random texture and the stocking cap shape. I think it turned out fairly well. More details on my Ravelry project page.

It can also be worn with the seed stitch brim up or down and the point to the side or to the back. I also tried sticking the point down into the hat and wearing it like a slouch. I’ll make some modifications the next time I make one but it turned out to be the general shape I intended. All in all, I’m pretty happy with my improvised design.