washing wool on a rainy day

We’ve had several rainy days in the last week. While the girl does enjoy a good puddle walk, our time outside was still cut down considerably. One of our projects was to wash some rather old and musty random balls of yarn I was given. A burn test and the presence of bits of VM (vegetable matter) confirmed the yarn was indeed wool. And therefore worth the time to skein, wash, dry and rewind. I think it was about nine cakes in the end. Some pinks, some blues and some neutrals, all about worsted weight. I have a sweater in mind for the boy that I think I can eek out if I combine the blues and greys. I should probably start on something for the girl first however since she did patiently help with as much of the process as she could.

miscellaneous balls of wool yarn

skeining yarn on a yarn swift washing wool yarn skeins of wool yarn drying

and after:
cakes of wool yarn wound on a ball winder

Oops, a ball of handspun crept into that last photo. That IKEA folding towel rod thingy is not so great for hanging towels but it makes a great rack for drying skeins of wool!

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  1. Kathy Keiser’s avatar

    Your little girl is no longer very little. She looks like a big help to you. Yes, she deserves a sweater or so. Our new bunny is adjusted well. I hope this one will be a little gentler than the male one when I can harvest her fur. Her hair has three tone rings of light and dark gray and white. I think she will be pretty.

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