Cutting . . .

hair that is.

The boy has been in need of a haircut for several weeks. This is never an easy task. But he said he wanted his hair cut like the character Sosuké in the animated movie, Ponyo, from one of our favorite directors, Hayao Miyazaki.

Sosuke, little Japanese boy from movie Ponyo

So I hoped that we might have an easier time cutting it. Eh, not so much. But it turned out okay, may have to go back and put a few layers in the top but it’s cute, a traditional Japanese schoolboy haircut. (Or at least what I remember from when I was a kid.) With his light hair and blue eyes, very few people would guess the boy is 1/4 quarter Japanese. He’s happy with it and those friends who have seen the movie instantly recognized the haircut.

Before, during and after:
IMG_7774 IMG_7777 IMG_7782_2




  1. Kathy Keiser’s avatar

    Cole looks very cute! I don’t remember exactly how boys’ haircuts were like, but you did a great job. He may have to change his name to Cosuke.

  2. livnletlrn’s avatar

    I’m not familiar with the movie/character, but from that one still shot, it looks like you nailed the haircut. And, hey, you managed to get that horizontal line straight — impressive!

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