Cross Stitch anyone?

I believe some of my readers like to do cross stitch. If so, speak up!

I received this lot of cross stitch books, a nice assortment of DMC floss, floss keeper cards and Aida fabric from a neighbor. I haven’t done cross stitch in a long time so I’d like to give this away to someone who will use it. I can’t think of anyone locally so I thought I’d post here. I can include an embroidery hoop for an interested beginner. The chart in the back is for a unicorn. I had to smile remembering how popular unicorns were with us girls when I was in junior high.

cross stitch patterns and floss

And if there is further interest, I have a few original charted designs that I can share by PDF.

There was also a strange package of wood pieces in the bag. If anyone knows what this is, a virtual brownie bottom ice cream sundae to you! xoxo


ETA: Thank you friends. These are spoken for and I will contact recipients for addresses.

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  1. Maddy’s avatar

    Hi there, came across you blog on Twitter, what a lovely stash selection! I would just love to stitch them all. Such lovely pieces, and so nice of you to give them away. I live in England and have many friends who cross stitch so I am sure that each piece would go to a lovely home!

  2. Amy’s avatar

    I would be sure to use the floss but maybe not the other things. If no one else is interested, I would appreciate it.

  3. FalconDance’s avatar

    Those wooden pieces look to be a disassembled scroll frame (maybe 2?) for needlework. Very handy tool! I’d snatch those up except I have all the Aida cloth and floss I need otherwise and to claim it all would be selfish when there’s others who might need them.

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