Art by the kids

This post is for you, ArTchrJan.

rag rolled hair curls

Okay, this is actually the back of the girl’s head while she is working on the project to follow. She asked for curly hair so I put her hair up in rag rolls, too cute huh? Anyway, here’s her beach scene collage cut with the “special” scissors. We have an assortment of scissors with different edges like waves, scallops, etc. That’s a person on the beach and a sea monster in the water.

construction paper collage

Friday the boy brought one of our plain canvas bags to me and asked to paint it. The girl immediately wanted to paint too of course. As usual, I requested they make a sketch first. Otherwise the girl is apt to just scribble. Here are the results, including the feet of the artists; a Pokémon ball (or so I was told) and a tiger cat with red rat. And now we have a one-of-a-kind library bag! I think I’ll request they paint some others.

pokemon ball painted on canvas bag

tiger cat and red rat painted on canvas bag

And this project is a little older, maybe a week or two ago. the girl and I made this juice can lid mosaic out of Sculpey. Actually she did most of it, rolling the clay through the pasta machine and cutting out the shapes with canapé cutters, I just helped fill in the blue background and worked the oven.

polymer clay sculpey mosaic flower on juice can lid

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  1. Susy’s avatar

    Strong art images of the kids’ work. especially like the paper sun shore scene. Reminds me of a paper collage by Alex Katz I saw recently at Portland Museum of Art.

  2. Snippety Gibbet’s avatar

    Aren’t you guys so artsy! I love it! Thanks for the nod, Cindy. You are too funny.

    The crafted bags are adorable, by the way.

    I’ve never thought of doing sculpey mosaics. I have tons of the stuff as it was my craft of choice about 5 years ago. Maybe my Art Club kids need to do some mosaic work. Hmmmm…….


  3. livnletlrn’s avatar

    In a can lid? Clever!

  4. Shelly’s avatar

    I love rag rolls..soo cute! everything is.

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