More brown yarn and socks

worsted weight brown yarn hand spun

I spun up more of the mystery brown wool and ended up with about the same weight as the first two cakes. It’s split into three skeins because that’s all the bobbins would hold when I was plying the singles together. I need to come up with a bigger solution for plying. I hate having to split my singles just because they won’t fit on the bobbin on the spinning wheel.

I’m halfway through the second sock with this yarn using 3/2 rib on the top of the foot and the leg, based on the Lifestyle Toe-up Sock Recipe. Worsted weight knits up fast! And with some extra reading since the last pair of socks, this one fits Rich’s foot much better. :)

hand knit man's brown wool sock

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    I ended up saving my pennies (for a long, long time) and getting a jumbo flyer assembly for my Ashford Traveler. Now I can ply two or three bobbins together without breaking up the skein.

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