Yarn ball keeper

yarn ball in netting keeper

I bought a $1 bath pouf a while ago and keep finding interesting uses for it. When I took it apart it turned out to be something like 10 feet of tubular netting. It’s not very strong but it’s stretchy and very smooth. I cut off about 10 inches, knotted one end and stuck a 4oz centerpull ball of yarn in it. The netting will shrink around the ball as I use the yarn. I like being able to see the yarn but not having to deal with a ziploc bag.



  1. Theresa N’s avatar

    That is totally awesome. I have been searching for clear or white netting. The commercially sold “yarn bras” are colored and crappy for storage because you can’t quite tell what colors the yarns are. You’re a genius!

  2. FalconDance’s avatar

    Wow, I have a bunch of those expando-sleeve things that I think are supposed to be used for veggies (was given them by a friend cleaning out his pack-rat aunt’s house). Never thought to use them for yarn! Of course, now that means I *have* to get a ball winder ;).

  3. livnletlrn’s avatar

    I’ve seen this idea before and think it’s brilliant.

    We used to stick the little bits of leftover soap into the center of a bath pouf as a way to use up every last bit of the soap and make the pouf self-sudsing.

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