Collected Words of the Day

I haven’t posted any of my children’s funny words and phrases in a while so here are a few that I keep forgetting to share.

zazoo: looks like a whistle but makes buzzing noises, courtesy of the girl

egg noggin: you know, eggs, milk, sugar, vanilla, yummy stuff. It’s good for your brain according to the boy.

dracamole: an imaginary creature that likes Mexican food (think avocados), as used by the girl

pig, pig, turkey: an answer to what kind of meat are you? or a game similar to that old waterfowl favorite. This was a coordinated sibling effort at Thanksgiving dinner, far funnier than the original.

And one of my favorites from the girl:
clap shoes: as worn by Gene Kelly or Shirley Temple. They sure do make a racket on our wood floors!

tap shoes with covered button elastic closure

The idea for the covered button closures on the tap shoes came from a post on the forum at Sew, Mama, Sew! from this blog:

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  1. livnletlrn’s avatar

    We still use a “mocha retrol” to work the tv around here. That one’s courtesy of Jesse.

    Leah had her own entire language, Leahnese. Only the 3 of us who live with her could understand it. We needed to translate for outsiders.

  2. Ellen’s avatar

    Mine had a few, ghoul for school, baby suit for bathing suit and blahblahs for loblaws. I didn’t correct her too much because it was so cute. Actually, I still use these words from time to time… within the family of course.

  3. Katie R.’s avatar

    I love the pig-pig-turkey… Very clever!

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