WANTED: Production Artist

Production Artist wanted for tiny creative studio engaged in use of variety of media for various purposes. Ideal candidate will possess quiet enthusiasm for spontaneity and the ability to execute bizarre concepts with unswerving dedication using only materials at hand.

Must be proficient in organizing, knitting, crochet, machine sewing, hand sewing, pattern drafting and grading, copy editing, paper cutting, carpentry and general crafting. Familiarity with paper maché, traditional upholstery, polymer clay, jewelry making, soldering, screen-printing, shoe-making, welding, nalbinding, Romance languages, architectural periods, art movements, and musical styles helpful.

Must be discerning in the use of all types of glues; punctuation; threads; yarns; fibers, both animal and vegetable; acid and fiber-reactive dyes; papers, both commercial and cottage; wood; fabrics of all kinds; tin cans; fishing line and neoprene.

Ability to take brilliant product shots and short videos necessary.
Ability to illustrate will garner serious brownie points.

Ability to work in Photoshop, Freehand, InDesign and various social media preferred. Knowledge of Quark and Microsoft irrelevant. Ability to find and use information from printed books essential.

Compensation will be provided in the form of endless tea, warmly purring cats, giggling children and the occasional home-cooked meal. (Guess which one of the above is subject to availability?)

Interested parties should reply with the number and type of non-Altoid tins in their collection; a two page essay on favorite organizational methods and preferred storage containers categorized by brand, size, material and usage; tea preferences; favorite flavor of Star Trek and/or Law&Order; number and type of musical instruments played; and the answer to this question: Phineas or Ferb?

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    heh heh…

    I believe it would behoove the studio’s proprietor to hire from within.

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