A Winter Lullaby

It was about this time of year that I first sang this to the boy, his first winter if I recall correctly. I was in the habit of singing to him in the car as that seemed to be the only thing that kept him from wailing if I had to slow down or stop. One gray afternoon we were rounding the last corner on the way home and I was running out of songs to sing. This was the result.

Sleep tonight
under the moonlight
the snow falls soft and white
into the quiet night.

Sleep tight
and dream of sunshine bright
’cause everything’s alright
in mama’s arms tonight.

©2003 Cynthia Davies

I was touched to hear my husband singing this softly to the girl one night recently. Maybe one of these days we’ll get around to recording it.


  1. Cindy’s avatar

    Hmmm. That must have been the summertime version. :-)

  2. DH’s avatar

    I remember a verse variation being:

    Sleep tight
    Under the pale moonlight
    The stars are shining bright
    Up in the sky tonight

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