Polymer clay stitch markers

I decided to try making some stitch markers out of polymer clay. These slide on to your needles to help you remember where you are in your pattern when you are knitting. I simply marbled two tones of clay together, ran it through the dedicated pasta machine and then cut out the leaf shapes with tiny canapĂ© cutters. I sandwiched twisted wire loops between two clay leaves and then pinched the edges together and baked them. I’m using a set of fall colored ones on my current knitting project.

marbled green leaf polymer clay stitch markers for knitting or

This set of green leaves was sent to the treasure chest of the New England Textile Arts yahoo group.

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  1. Snippety Gibbet’s avatar

    What a very cool idea. I don’t knit so I am unaware of such things as a stitch marker. Very clever.

  2. livnletlrn’s avatar

    What a fun project! Pretty striations in those leaves.

  3. Lisa’s avatar

    They’re cute, but I prefer my litle rings of beads. The kind that hang down always seem to be getting caught on something,and my knitting feels unbalanced when I use them. I’ve made seed bead rings in smaller sizes for sock and lace knitting and larger sizes for everything else, and I generally do them in:
    *shades of green for the beginning of a row or pattern or to show the right side if I’m knitting on two needles rather than circularly.
    *red for the end of a row or pattern (especially useful for a shawl I did knitted in the round with close to 1,000 stitches toward the end
    *multi-colors or other shades for things in the middle. The colors help keep me on track.

  4. Shelly’s avatar

    These are terrific! So pretty to see while knitting.

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