Buttermint Block Party

Most of the time when I get out the polymer clay, I use it to make things for the kids or to help them make things, usually animals or creatures of some kind. A few months ago I made this little pink Cape Cod style house. I think the girl must have asked for a house and wanted it to be ALL pink. I thought that would be strange without any other color for definition so I used thick pieces for the simple windows and doors and used the knife to give a little texture without overwhelming the small size. It might be an inch tall or so. After I made it I really liked it.

tiny light pink polymer clay Cape Cod style house

Today I decided I wanted to try making a few more. A light yellow ranch and a light green Cape joined the pink house—the colors of buttermints in a candy tin at my Aunt Ruth’s house around the holidays. I’m sure we had them at home too but for some reason I associate those candies with her house. I also made a gingerbread colored house modeled after the house across the street for our sweet neighbor, E. The kids were excited to give it to her this evening.

light yellow polymer clay ranch house light green polymer clay house with chimney detail gingerbread or terra cotta polymer clay Cape Cod style house miniature

And a picture of the whole neighborhood.

miniature polymer clay houses

I like to think this bears a certain resemblance to our own neighborhood. Not in colors particularly but in the simplicity and neatness of the little houses on our street. And perhaps a bit of the storybook quality of knowing all your neighbors, young and old, and having the children in and out of each others houses. I think with a little cultivation our little street will continue to grow in friendship through the years. I hope yours will too.

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  1. Cindy’s avatar

    From the Sculpey website: Polymer clay, if exposed to direct sunlight, will fade somewhat over time. Large sculptures, such as those used in gardens, should be sealed with Flecto Varathane to prevent deterioration.

  2. Snippety Gibbet’s avatar

    Those are precious! It makes me want to pull out all my sculpey and get to work.

  3. Cindy’s avatar

    Well, it’s baked to 275°F. I’ll have to do some checking, maybe a little experiment.

  4. livnletlrn’s avatar

    Just precious. Can polymer clay go outdoors? (maybe after being dipped in polyurethane?) I imagine these as part of a tiny fairy village tucked under a bush or in a garden, along with painted stones and some acorns and little mats of felted wool… :-)

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